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Amazon drops HTC One price to $79.99 in honor of Father’s Day

1 year ago 20

Most everyone seems to agree that the HTC One is the best smartphone money can buy. But what if you could buy it with half as much money? Tomorrow, Amazon will host a one-day Father’s Day HTC One sale, cuting the price of the device to a mere $79.99 (if you’re willing to sign a new contract with Sprint or AT&T). Those looking to renew their plans with either of the carriers are treated to a $99.99 price – half of what you’d pay if you walked into a Sprint or AT&T store to purchase the phone.

If the HTC One is not your cup of tea, there’s always the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is listed on Amazon with a $168 price tag.

AT&T HTC One (New AT&T Customers: $79.99, Upgrading Customers: $99.99)

Sprint HTC One (New Sprint Customers: $79.99, Upgrading Customers: $99.99)