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Huawei won’t be participating in the Google Edition program


For those of you hoping Huawei would join in on the fun and release a stock Android “Google Edition” Ascend P6, let’s just get this out of the way right now: Huawei has no plans to participate in the Google Edition program.

Where Samsung, HTC and now Sony have all seen value in producing a variant of their flagship devices that run stock Android, with updates provided and managed by Google, Huawei does not. At today’s Ascend P6 unveiling, Richard Yu, Chief Executive Officer for the Huawei Consumer Business Group, spoke out against the Google Edition program, saying that Huawei has no plans to turn the P6 into a Nexus device. Huawei is proud of their Emotion UI and of how it works in sync with the hardware they’ve been hard at work perfecting.

While not everyone may like the changes implemented in third-party manufacturer UIs, they do feature a handful of enhancements and optimizations. Without Sense and Touchwiz, the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 will be missing features and selling points that were tailor made for their specific hardware. Other manufacturers undoubtedly recognize this, but only Huawei appears to be acting on it. As we approach the release date for the Google Edition One and S4, we can’t help but notice the hype surrounding the devices has died down considerably, leading us to believe sales of the $600+ phones will fall flat. It looks like Huawei may be making a smart move here.

Source: Android Central

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