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“moto x” to launch August 1st?


Goodbye Motorola. If a pitch for what we believe to be is an upcoming ad campaign on Behance.net is real, then something huge is going on at Motorola.

The pictures, on B.A. Bäkken’s Behance page, an online design portfolio page for designers to showcase their work, say it all. Labeled as, “Pitch work,” for Motorola, the images tell an interesting story of Motorola going away while they work on something drastic; “New Ideas. New Technologies.” The next big thing.

We're not good at goodbyes. No one is. They're hard. And sad. But the time has come. After nearly a century of innovation, we must say farewell. Farewell to the first handheld cell phone. To the Razr. To the game snake. Farewell to the Motorola that has shaped today.

It's time to start building tomorrow. Change is afoot. New faces. New ideas. New technologies. The Motorola that returns will not be the company you once knew. But we have some work to do. So until we're ready, we're going away. No new ads or tweets. No site updates. Just silence until we begin the next chapter.

Until we meet again, goodbye Moto.Ad pitch to MotorolaBehance.net

It’s hard to tell exactly what this all means, but the overall message is certainly intentional. Meaning Motorola must sent out a call for mockups fitting the slogan, “Goodbye Moto.”

Several of the images feature the date 8.1.13, which could be a placeholder, but previous moto x rumors suggested the device would launch in August.

Is Motorola leaving for awhile to come back rebranded? Will Google completely absorb the company? Are they simply going dark until they can come up with a product that will really, truly, finally wow us all? Stay tuned as we dig for more, and try to find out what’s going on at Motorola.

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Source: Behance

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