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Samsung Galaxy S4 stress test video shows how durable the device really is

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When we think of device durability, our minds immediately turn to those gruesome drop tests scattered across YouTube. The video makers hope their unscientific test will show consumers how durable a phone is by dropping it from several different heights. While the videos can be entertaining, they really don’t give us a lot of information.

Fortunately, manufacturers go through a myriad of tests before a phone is released to make sure it lives up to quality standards. The choice of construction material for the Samsung Galaxy S4 may not be as high-end as that found in the HTC One, but the video below shows that you don’t necessarily need a metal chassis to survive drop, impact, heat, pressure, dust and water tests.

What’s your take? Would you rather have premium construction materials, which may scratch and dent more easily, or a plastic build that can stand up to the random acts of torture we subject our smartphones to on a daily basis?

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