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Samsung to launch first LTE-Advanced smartphone, Galaxy S 4 variant

samsung galaxy s 4

Samsung plans to make history by releasing the first smartphone that supports LTE-Advanced, a new network technology that can be twice as fast as current LTE. The device is set to be a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, powered by a Qualcomm chip with LTE-Advanced support built in (network radios are usually integrated into the SoC, and the Exynos Octa does not support LTE-Advanced). According to co-CEO JK Shin, the device may be released as early as this month in their home country of South Korea.

Here’s the downside: no carriers in South Korea support LTE-Advanced. In fact, only a single carrier in Russia called Yota currently has LTE-Advanced enabled. But who better than Samsung to push this new technology ahead? With the hardware now available to the public, carriers will have plenty of reason to pursue LTE-Advanced technology. Verizon received major recognition as the first US carrier to support LTE. We can safely assume that the first carrier to implement LTE-Advanced will have customers rushing to try it out, especially when the flagship is a Galaxy S 4 variant.

Samsung says a movie download that would usually take 3 minutes on 4G LTE would take a little more than a minute on LTE-Advanced, so the increase is nothing to scoff at. And with Sammy talking to carriers about LTE-Advanced and their new phone, we might just see this technology emerge fairly soon. Are you excited?

Via: Android Central
Source: Reuters

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