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Sony Xperia Z comes to T-Mobile

10 months ago 9

The Sony Zperia Z is Sony’s flagship for 2013, but unfortunately, it hasn’t yet sailed its water-resistant body across the pond to visit a US carrier. That’s changing today. T-Mobile will be the first US carrier to offer the Xperia Z. With the exception of a small T-Mobile logo on the back of the phone, the device is pretty much the same as the international model. That means consumers can still expect to see a 5-inch 1080p display with Mobile Bravia Engine 2, 13MP rear camera with Exmor RS, HDR video and an IP57 rating against water and dust.

The Xperia Z for T-Mobile throws another color option into the mix; there’s a purple Xperia Z in the works. And because it’s nice and new, it does feature support for T-Mobile’s blossoming 4G LTE network as well as the HSPA+ and 3G bands.

The Xperia Z is among the recent high-end phones that feature water-proofing. It’s a nice trend to see, because we’ve all heard horror stories about people dropping their phones in the toilet. As for pricing or a release date, we don’t know anything except that it will be available “in the coming weeks.”

Now that it’s officially available from a US carrier, who’s going to take a look at the Sony Xperia Z?

Via: PhoneDog
Source: T-Mobile