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AT&T scores yet another exclusive: Galaxy S4 in red

red galaxy s4

As if AT&T doesn’t have enough exclusives to drive customers away from other carriers and into their expensive (but well covered) arms, today the US carrier will start selling a red version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 for $199 on contract.

Aside from its very rouge exterior, AT&T’s exclusive Red Aurora Samsung Galaxy S4 is no different than the boring ol’ Black Mist and White Frost versions we’ve already come to know and love. You still get a 5-inch full HD 1080 display, a 13MP camera and of course, access to AT&T’s LTE network.

The Red Aurora S4 is just the latest in a string of AT&T exclusives. Ma Bell looks to be going all-out on offense, securing as many handsets and special edition devices as possible to use as ammunition against rival carriers. It’s not like other carriers aren’t participating; T-Mobile just announced the Sony Xperia Z as an exclusive today. But AT&T seems especially keen to open their pocketbooks and tempt manufacturers.

What do you say? Do you see a red Galaxy S4 in your future, or does something else have your attention?

Via: DroidLife

Source: AT&T

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