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Google Wallet makes shopping easier with mobile app, site integration

google wallet

Online shopping is extremely popular, and it’s quickly transitioning to mobile. But entering your information on a tiny screen is cumbersome, to say the least. Name, credit card, address and all that other info is really not fun to enter on a phone. Google Wallet is already integrated into many sites, but now it’s entering the mobile shopping sector.

Quite a few Android apps, like Newegg and Expedia, have now integrated Google Wallet one-click support, so buying something is far easier. All of your info is stored in your Google Wallet account, so just staying signed in will allow you to pay for and buy items with the press of one button. The same goes for many mobile sites now.

To celebrate and to encourage people to use Google Wallet on mobile sites and apps, Google has partnered with some of these companies to provide a deal to those who shop from a mobile device. If you have a need for electronics, Newegg will give you $15 off if you pay with Google Wallet from the mobile site or their Android app. There are also deals from Airbnb, Expedia, Fancy, Priceline, Rue La La, Tabbedout and Uber with upwards up $25.

If you want to download any of these mobile apps, see how easy it is to use Google Wallet and get the deals, hit the source link. Save some money, and tell us what you bought!

Source: Google Commerce Blog

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