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SwiftKey introduces Cloud services for backup, sync, trending phrases and more


SwiftKey, one of the most popular Android keyboard replacement apps, is about to be upgraded in a big way. Announced on the SwiftKey blog, SwiftKey Cloud has officially entered beta today, featuring dictionary backup, syncing across devices and access to trending phrases.

SwiftKey, for those of you who aren’t in the know, is a keyboard replacement app that analyzes your past communications in texts, emails and social media posts to not only help predict the words you are typing out, concurrent words in a sentence as well. It learns more as you use the keyboard, making predictions much better over time. For anyone who regularly switches phones or uses multiple devices, there has always been one big flaw in SwiftKey. Every time you install SwiftKey on a new device, you have to start from scratch. Or if you’re using it on two devices, those devices can’t share information to SwiftKey, so you have to keep teaching different installs of SwiftKey the same thing. That changes today.

Now, with SwiftKey Cloud, your personalized dictionary, all the things you’ve taught SwiftKey, will be uploaded to the cloud. If you install SwiftKey on a new device, you can log into SwiftKey Cloud and all the work you’ve put into SwiftKey will be ready and waiting for you. If you use multiple devices, everything will sync across those devices. SwiftKey is also introducing enhanced personalization with SwiftKey Cloud to better recognize common phrases you regularly use.

As if that wasn’t enough, SwiftKey also announced a new trending phrases feature that will “analyze Twitter and other news sources to sift out the most relevant daily discussions and trending topics.” SwiftKey will know that it’s football season, know that a player is making headlines for whatever reason, and know you’re trying to discuss that reason. Names, places and phrases from news headlines and pop culture will automatically show up in SwiftKey’s suggestion bar as soon as you start typing them.

Once the beta period is over, which you can get in on by visiting SwiftKey’s beta website, all of the features announced with SwiftKey Cloud will be available for free with the purchased app. No extra subscriptions or charges required.

Source: SwiftKey

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