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YouTube app to get new multitasking; Google continues to sever core apps

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A user on the Verge forums going by the name ryan_socio, who has correctly leaked information on Google products in the past, is back again with some new information on an upcoming update to the YouTube app and details on how Google plans to further sever its core apps from Android.

The new YouTube app’s big feature is going to be enhanced multitasking. The app will look the same, save for a small arrow that will allow users to shrink the currently playing video and continue using the app to search and browse other videos. As of right now, the feature is only available within the YouTube app itself, but by release, it should be available system wide. In other words, you should be able to keep a small video window playing in the bottom corner of your device while you reply to email or check Facebook.

Ryan shared other details on how Google plans to continue severing core apps, like the People and camera app. He wouldn’t go into specifics, only saying that, “they (Google) plan to do it with pretty much every app.” For most of you, this should come as no surprise. We’ve talked about how Google is enabling users to not only enjoy the stock Android experience on any device by downloading every piece of software separately, but how severing core apps from Android allows Google to keep all Android users, despite the actual Android version they’re using, up-to-date with the latest and greatest Google has to offer.

It’s great that Google has finally found a way to tackle the “F” word. Android updates may be a little more boring now, but this new method is best for everyone.

Source: The Verge Forums

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