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T-Mobile announces new upgrade program, new plans, and new phones


T-Mobile is going through some big changes yet again in its re-imagining of the company. With their un-carrier efforts to get rid of contracts and make payment plans accessible to people to buy new phones. Today, at their event, they have announced some new programs for their customers.

Their new upgrade program is called JUMP! This unique program will allow customers to upgrade their device up to twice per year. This means that in the time frame of a standard two year contract, you’ll be able to buy four devices on T-Mobile. For a $10 monthly fee, you’ll be able to trade in your device for a new one at the same or lower price as it is available, stop paying the monthly fee on the old device, and upgrade again six months later. After those 6 months, you’ll be able to “JUMP” twice every calendar year, at any time you want. It’s pretty impressive for those who love switching phones, and it’s fairly cheap too. And best of all, this program also includes protection against loss, theft, and damage. Hit the source link for more info about the program!

They have also announced new Simple Choice plans for families. Not only are they cheap, as T-Mobile likes to make them, but they have a kicker: they have no credit check. This means that those with bad credit can get plans regardless. You can get four lines with unlimited talk and text, with 500MB of data a month for $100 a month.

T-Mobile has been expanding their LTE network as fast as possible, with some lofty goals. They promised to cover 100 million people by the summer, but by this point, their LTE network covers 157 million people in 116 markets. By the end of the year, they are promising covering 200 million people, and we don’t doubt that they can reach that goal.

And lastly, they are announcing two new LTE-capable devices. The Sony Xperia Z is the newest Sony flagship, which is both dust proof and waterproof. They are also launching the Nokia Lumia 925. And for owners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, they will be releasing an update to enable LTE connectivity.

T-Mobile just keeps getting better and better as they drift further away from a “normal” US carrier. They have been bragging nonstop about how people are just “breaking down their door” and switching from other carriers. We love where they’re going, and hope it continues and the other carriers follow suit. Do you like what T-Mobile is doing, and are you interested in JUMP?

Source: T-Mobile

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