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Google invests in Glass’ future with Himax purchase

1 year ago 8

Google is putting a lot of resources into Google Glass and looks to be in it for the long run. With a lot of support and monthly updates, the explorer edition of Google Glass is becoming better and better. However, its biggest problem is price. Those who had the chance to buy it had to shell out $1,500, and that’s a lot of money.

Google is planning to make the device cheaper when it releases sometime next year, and a big step is buying a 6.3 percent stake in Himax. Himax is the company that manufactures the unique display used in Google Glass, and the money for that stake will help fund manufacturing.

If Google likes what it’s getting from the partnership, the company will also have the option of buying an extra 8.5 percent stake. This could further reduce the price of the component, which will reduce the price of Google Glass. And in the end, the consumer benefits from that. Now we’ll have and see if a lot of people would be willing to buy them. (I sure would).