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How does the new Nexus 7 stack up to the competition?


The new Nexus 7 was announced today, and it looks fantastic. With a 1080p display in a small 7-inch form factor and a quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro, it looks to be an amazing tablet. And priced at a meager $230, it’s incredibly cheap. We can’t wait to get our hands on it, but for now, we can’t help but wonder how it compares to the tablets currently available on the market.


Here is a comparison between the new Nexus 7, the old Nexus 7, and the current Galaxy Note 8.0. The Note was thrown in because it’s a somewhat high end tablet with a high end price. It just goes to show that price doesn’t mean everything, because the Nexus 7 seems to have an advantage in almost every area.

Looking at the spec-to-price ratio, and keeping in mind the class leading display, what do you think of the new Nexus 7? Is it worth upgrading from the old one? Is there a better tablet currently on the market? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Dima Aryeh is a Russian obsessed with all things tech. He does photography, is an avid phone modder (who uses an AT&T Galaxy Note II), a heavy gamer (both PC and 360), and an aspiring home mechanic. He is also an avid fan of music, especially power metal.

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