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Upcoming Google TV update to include Google Cast API


Chromecast seemed like the ultimate Google TV killer to some, even though they are both made by the same company. But we assure you, Google TV still has a large purpose. Even though it’s not being used to anywhere near its full potential, Google TV is so much more useful. With Android apps, unlimited streaming capabilities and a physical remote, it can do so much more than the (awesome) Chromecast dongle.

Warren Rehman, a Googler working on Google TV, posted on his Google+ that Google TV is not dead and is still being developed. And with the previously announced Jelly Bean update for many of the newer GTV boxes, he announced that they will support Google Cast (the streaming API behind Chromecast). This means that any app that supports Cast will be able to stream to a Google TV box as well as a Chromecast.

While this doesn’t seem so useful at first, because Google TV has some of this functionality built in, it’s a lot more than just integrating streaming into GTV. It’s creating a singular streaming API that Google products will start to embrace, a streaming API that will truly compete with the big boys. Plus, it will be open to developers, so it could really take on Airplay if executed right.

Could Google make Google Cast into a universal streaming protocol used by all of its products? Is it trying to push it to become the next standard? We don’t know, but we’d be happy to accept it as such, because a cross platform streaming standard seems wonderful to us. What do you think of Google spreading its new streaming API across their products?

Source: +Warren Rehman

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