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Jelly Bean finally most used version of Android

PSE GS4 Android 4.3 Bean

Android fragmentation is a hot issue in the Android world, especially with the crowd who are less than fond of our little green robot. While we could write essays on the subject, in the end, fragmentation is not as serious an issue as it is made out to be for many reasons. However, a lot of people still hate being left behind on an old Android version, and all of us can relate. So on that front we have some great news.

According to the latest stats provided by the Android developer console, Jelly Bean 4.1 and 4.2 together are the most used Android version. This is a huge improvement over the now unseated long time holder of that title: Gingerbread. Yes, for an eternity Gingerbread was the most used Android version in existence. Finally, it’s now a modern and beautiful version of Android on top. With 4.1 at 32.3% and 4.2 at 5.6%, they total 37.9%, which based on our calculations is higher than Gingerbread’s 34.1%.

As huge fans of the platform, we couldn’t be happier. This is a big step for Android as a whole, and a big improvement for manufacturers. Those who used to be horrible at updating their devices, like Samsung, are now doing a solid job. And even HTC isn’t doing too bad, though we have some complaints.

Keep in mind that these stats don’t reflect every device running Android, but every device accessing the Play Store within the specified timeframe. This is a smaller subset of the Android world, but the most relevant one for developers. Regardless, it’s a really big improvement, wouldn’t you agree?

Source: Android Developers

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