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LG announces QuickWindow cases for G2 before G2 is launched

LG G2 Quick Window

By now, I think LG couldn’t possibly surprise us. LG is content to announce every single detail possible about the G2 before it is launched, like the name, processor and now even accessories. LG announced the new QuickWindow cases for the LG G2, which will be available at launch.

You’ve heard me complain about LG just revealing all of its secrets. It’s no fun to watch an event and know everything the presenter is talking about, not because of leaks, but because of official information. LG should keep some things secret, so we can be pleasantly surprised at the event. But that’s not the case, so we’ll have to feign excitement.

That’s not to mention the QuickWindow case itself. Tell me, what does it remind you of? I’ll give you a second. Oh, a Samsung S View case? You got it! This case is an absolute ripoff of Samsung’s extremely similar case, having a small window at the top to show important information without having to unflip the flip cover. Sure, this is useful, but how far will LG go to take Samsung’s features? It’s done it many times before.

Fortunately, LG improved upon the S View case a little. The window has a little more functionality, showing timers, music and a fancy clock face. Samsung’s implementation is limited to a battery saving dark screen showing time, notifications, and other small tidbits of info. LG customers will benefit from this product, but I wish LG didn’t blatantly rip off the S View cover. It’s not great for the company’s image. What do you think of this new accessory, announced before the device even has a launch date?

Source: LG

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