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LG G2 release schedule leaked, said to hit Verizon

LG G2 Teaser

LG is probably the worst at keeping secrets. Every device they announce,we already have the details for. And funnily enough, a lot of that information comes from LG itself. The company likes to officially spoil surprises with its public announcements, and that’s no fun.

The LG G2 is no mystery to us anymore. LG spewed a lot of the finer details, and whatever it didn’t tell us, we found out via numerous leaks. However, we were missing one piece of vital information: a release date. It now seems that an LG exec (CFO David Jung) allegedly leaked a release date. The device will be coming to South Korea in August, North America and Europe in September and everywhere else in October, according to the report.

Another executive claims that the LG G2 is coming to Verizon here in the US (which is great for LG fans). None of this information can be confirmed (it is just rumor), but it seems fairly likely. I almost wish that LG would keep something a surprise for once, but I guess knowing everything is good, too. Are you looking forward to the LG G2?

Source: Engadget

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