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LG Optimus Vu III in the works, specs leak


The LG Optimus Vu was a strange device and a risky one to release. With a 4:3 screen ratio and a 5-inch display, it was strangely shaped and difficult to hold. Even with a smaller display than the Galaxy Note II by a whole half inch, it was wider by about the same amount. It also included a stylus that didn’t fit into the body of the device, making it useless for travel.

Reviews weren’t all that favorable of the phone, mostly due to how awkward it was to hold and how poorly the device was executed. But that didn’t stop LG from making a successor,┬áthe LG Optimus Vu II, in its home country. LG recently came out and said it’s dropping its Optimus branding for high-end devices, hinting at a new Vu device.

This will be the LG Vu III, but according to some leaked specs, it won’t be the high-end phone its ancestors were. The leak states that the 4:3 display ratio will remain, but the device will make do with a somewhat meager (by today’s standards) 1280 x 960 screen resolution. The device will most likely have a large display, so pixel density will suffer. We can’t imagine that will further the Vu brand. What do you think of this new Vu device? Would you ever consider getting one?

Source: Android Community

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