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Moto X camera leak shows off gesture heavy UI

1 year ago 16

The camera app in stock Android is notorious for being rather lackluster. The controls can be wonky and there are very limited options. Compared to the TouchWiz and Sense camera apps, it’s simply not very good. Motorola has taken note of this, and will be using a custom camera app in the Moto X.

Leaked by Android Police, the camera app on the Moto X will maintain a stock Android look, but manages to change things up quite a bit. Nearly everything in the Moto X camera app will be gesture based. To open the menu, which features a slow motion video capture option, you have to swipe in from the left side of the display. Swiping from the right will open the gallery. Swiping up will zoom in, and swiping down will zoom out. To take pictures, you need press once anywhere on the screen. To take multiple pictures, press and hold.

As seen in the Rogers video detailing the Moto X, there is indeed a gesture to open the camera app. Flick your wrist twice, and no matter where you are, even with the display off at the lock screen, the camera app will load. This can be turned on and off in the settings.

We knew Motorola wasn’t going to use a completely stock version of Android on the Moto X, and this further proves it. It’ll be interesting to see what else Motorola saw fit to change. What do you think of the Moto X’s camera app compared to stock Android?