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Motorola sends out invitations to August 1 Moto X event


Motorola has sent out invitations to a Moto X press event which is scheduled for August 1 in New York City. The theme of the invitation aligns quite nicely with the ad Motorola ran in newspapers across the country during the first week of July. The two phones featured in the invitation look identical to the Moto X which was spotted in Eric Schmidt’s possession about  a week ago. It’s unclear how long after the August 1 event consumers will have to wait until they are able to purchase the Moto X, but we doubt Motorola will keep us waiting too much longer.

Are you ready for the Moto X?

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  1. So it’s finally settled, no more rumors and “hype” we will finally get to see the first google/Moto device!

  2. thomeGuest 2 years ago

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  3. Looks like the August 1st date from the leaked Goodbye Moto ad concept was spot on.


  4. Boy that X sure looks awfully familiar.

  5. Definitely looking likely to be my next phone.

  6. I’m so ready to get some official deets on this. The hype was reaching a boiling point with all the “leaks”.

  7. correction: ” It’s unclear how long after the August 1(ST) even(T) consume(R)s will have to wait…”

    Please let this have a 32gb option. Its perfect timing because i need a new phone.

  8. StevenGuest 2 years ago

    Is the Nexus phone program dead?

    Is this gonna have a Moto skin or are Cdma customers Goin to get a Google experience finally

  9. AndreGuest 2 years ago

    I am absolutely ready for the X!! Baring some real discouraging information from the event on August 1st, I’m sold on getting the X!

  10. Better yet I can’t Xplain how Xcited I am for the Moto X! lol

  11. August is coming up fast.

  12. file:///C:/Users/Jonesfamily/Downloads/24y69te.jpg

  13. huh. maybe this could be the next nexus? i mean, the “x” looks reaally similar to the nexus logo!

  14. As long as The Moto don’t mess up with the NeXus line…I’m good

  15. I shall welcome Professor X with open arms as he finally shows himself.

  16. I play piano as a hobby, and I download all my sheet music online and print them out from my phone. However,I don’t always take my sheet music with me, and viewing the pdf on my small phone screen is quite a hassle. Having something like a nexus 7 would be great.

  17. Can’t wait for this!

  18. Rizwan AliGuest 1 year ago