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Rumor claims Nexus 5 based on LG G2, coming early October


Just months after the Nexux 4 hit shelves, we started hearing rumors about the next Nexus. All of them claimed that LG would make the device. Funnily enough, LG said that it did not want to make a new Nexus with Google. LG’s PR department later clarified that the company would not be against making a new Nexus device.

We now have another rumor coming through the mill. This time, we’re hearing that LG will be producing the next Nexus and that it will be based on the Optimus G2. Think about it. The LG Optimus G and Nexus 4 were developed at the same time and shared the same specs. The same could be done with the LG Optimus G2 and Nexus 5. We saw a few leaks of the Optimus G2 recently, and it sure looks great. It even uses on-screen buttons!

The only confirmed spec for the Optimus G2 is the Snapdragon 800 processor, which LG stated early on. But the rumor also claims that the device will have a 13MP camera with optical image stabilization, 2GB or 3GB of RAM, a 2,700 mAh battery, a 5.2-inch full HD IPS display and LTE-Advanced support. We can only hope that any LTE support makes it to the Nexus 5. And the device will launch with Android 4.2.2, which makes sense considering how LG is not so great with updates and released the Optimus G with Ice Cream Sandwich.

This all might be speculation, but it’s reasonable. And considering we haven’t heard a peep about another manufacturer making a Nexus device, this would make the most sense. Could the new LG Optimus G2 be given the Nexus treatment and released as the Nexus 5? Are you going to get the next Nexus device with Key Lime Pie?

Source: Android Authority

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