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Rumor: Moto X to go on sale same day as August 1 reveal?

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Smartphone announcements are always exciting, but the inevitable wait period between unveiling and retail launch is the worst. With the Chromecast, Google did away with the wait period. The day Chromecast was announced, it went on sale. Not just online, but in stores as well. Motorola could be doing the same thing with the Moto X.

We know at this point that the Moto X will be revealed this Thursday, August 1. Motorola is keen on keeping the hype train rolling, going as far as posting a picture on the company Twitter account this morning that simply says, “Moto X, August 1, 2013,” and using it as the official Twitter background. So again, we know, without a shadow of a doubt, that August 1 will be the day we get to finally see the Moto X revealed. But will we be able to purchase it that day?

We’ve heard a rumor today that makes us think we will indeed be able to purchase the Moto X on the same day it’s announced. According to the rumor, starting today, certain carriers will start receiving Moto X shipments to be sold on August 1. Theoretically, the carriers that will receive Moto X shipments will get them in black and white color combinations, with the customized versions made available online the same day.

We have no idea which carriers would receive shipments; multiple Moto X release dates have been rumored in the past and could be tied to short exclusivity deals. We only know that they should be arriving any time now. If this rumor turns out to be true, there’s a good chance someone, somewhere, will leak something very soon. Either way, we’ll know more in just three days. What do you think about Motorola possibly selling the Moto X the same day it’s announced?

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