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Run Sense 5, AOSP on HTC One with MoDaCo.SWITCH

A lot of HTC owners now face a difficult choice between Sense 5 and an AOSP ROM. Now that the Google Play edition device is out, the stock ROM has been ported to the retail HTC One, enabling users to flash either ROM at their leisure. But what if we told you that you can have both? MoDaCo.SWITCH was created to give you just that.

While a simple dual boot would be cool, MoDaCo.SWITCH is so much cooler. Not only can you switch between an AOSP ROM and the European 4.2.2 Sense 5 ROM with a reboot, your data is shared between the ROMs. So, if you install an app in one ROM it will show up, data and all, in the other. You’ll no longer have to back up and restore incessantly to keep your data consistent.

The video is simply a demo; SWITCH is not released yet. However, once it completes the testing phase, it’ll be released as a public beta. Then you’ll be able to try it out for yourself! Of course, modding your phone always poses a bit of danger, so it should be done at your own risk. Are you HTC One owners excited?

Source: MoDaCo

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