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Verizon to unleash new DROID phones at July 23 event

1 year ago 15

Verizon is getting straight down to business with the announcement of its new DROID line-up. Last night, Verizon sent out short invites for an event in New York City that will take place next Tuesday, July 23. We’re not sure if the company could have been any more open about the devices it’s planning to announce.Verizon_DROID_Event

As you can see, the invitation makes it obvious that new DROID devices will be announced (What else could “most popular family of devices” mean?). You can see the rumored phones below. From left to right, these devices will be called the DROID Mini, DROID Ultra and DROID MAXX. We’re also hoping that Verizon might finally give an official release date for the HTC One at this event.

What do you guys want to see out of the new DROID line?