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LG sends out invites for LG G2 event showing off fingerprint scanner


It may be late, but the tech world never sleeps. Tonight, LG sent out invites for its upcoming flagship, the LG G2. And interestingly enough, LG’s practically pulling  a Motorola here and teasing the phone at every chance. LG’s not being shy with the name and a couple of the features though. The invitation clearly calls the phone the LG G2 and shows off an outline of the phone. That same outline also shows off a couple of tasty tidbits.

These morsels include the same rear volume controls that we saw before as well as confirming that the piece in between the arrows is indeed a fingerprint scanner. How does it confirm that? Simply look at the picture down below and you can see the reflection of a finger pressing itself onto the small piece. LG can’t get much more obvious than that.

August7_Invitation_high res (1)

Other than that, it gives us another compliment with the phone saying, “To me, you are perfect.” The invitation also says that “we are learning from you” which suggests that LG might be listening to what consumers have to say and then designing its products based on that.

What did you take away from the invite? Are you excited for the G2?

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