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LG Optimus G2 detailed in leaked video and pics


Expected to be officially unveiled on August 7, Engadget has just received a handful of pictures from an anonymous source detailing the Optimus G2, strange backside volume rocker and all.

The pictures don’t provide any information on technical specs, but do share a bit on how the Optimus G2 will look and feel. LG is headed the way of the Nexus 4 with the G2, giving the device itself a more rounded shape with a dark chrome bezel. The LG logo is placed near the bottom of the face of the device, right below the area reserved for on-screen buttons, with no decorations up top. Towards the back of the device, you can see the strange plus and minus switch, which we assume will be a multipurpose volume switch.

Software wise, we see that the Optimus G2 will use a white camera UI, which looks rather nice, and a fully transparent notification bar and background for the on-screen buttons mentioned above.

All in all, the LG Optimus G2 looks like a great device. We’re excited to know more come August 7, just under a month away now.

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Source: Engadget

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