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More details leak about Moto X, including customizations


The Moto X is quickly becoming the most hyped device of the year, and a new leak just adds more information to the rumor mill. These rumors have been floating around for a while, and we’ve confirmed many of them before, but it’s good to hear them from a few sources.

The newest info reveals the degree of customization that will be available on the Moto X. You will be able to customize the color of at least two external parts. There will be the back panel and the trim, which can be individually colored, matched or mismatched. There will also be the option of engraving the device with your own message or name. And strangely, you’ll be able to upload a personal photo and have it be used as the device’s wallpaper. This is something you can do yourself, so it’s strange that they would offer it.

The above image shows three of the colors to be available, out of the sixteen to be offered. That’s a pretty impressive set of colors. This is only for the back cover, so we’ll see how they will handle the front of the device. Black front with colored trim and back sounds fantastic to me.

The device will also come with a large array of sensors we previously mentioned. Opening the camera app will be as simple as flicking the phone, instead of having to find the icon. It’ll also have voice recognition that will be listening for commands, making the device easier to use. And of course, it’ll know when you’re driving or walking and react accordingly, like turning on the speaker phone when you’re in the car.

Other small tidbits include the device running Android 4.2.2, which has been known for a while and expected from a Google company, and shipping customized devices within days of the purchase. The devices will also be available in stores, which of course means buying it without customization.

With all these confirmations and official statements, the Moto X is quickly coming together. With a release date of “soon” from Motorola, we don’t know when we will see it, but I personally can’t wait to get my Android and Me green Moto X to play with. Are you getting more excited for this device?

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Source: ABC

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