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Moto X features “Clear Pixel” camera for better low-light performance, device casing leaked


The more rumors we hear about the Moto X, the more excited we get. People do tend to over-hype some products, but we’re eager to see such a unique device. The newest rumor states that the Moto X will ship with a “Clear Pixel” camera that uses the previously mentioned gesture control.

Gesture control refers to the flick motion you use to start the camera. It can be used whether the device is locked or unlocked, somehow knowing exactly when you want the camera (we hope). There may be other gestures included, but that’s not the most important part of this rumor.

The Clear Pixel camera sounds brand spanking new, but it’s actually not a very new technology. It’s a Kodak imaging sensor design that can take more light in than other camera sensors.  While normal cameras take in a specific color, panchromatic, clear pixel sensors take in all wavelengths of visible light, effectively taking in three times more light.

The Clear Pixel camera uses a mix of clear pixels and standard pixels. This design can be adapted to all sorts of devices, and it seems that Motorola is now using it. And we know it’s real, because it has been patented. And there was a time that Google bought a lot of Kodak patents, so Motorola may be getting it from Google.

On top of that, there is this Kodak photo from 2007:


If they actually put this technology into the final device, it’ll make a lot of people happy. It will include all the benefits of an Ultrapixel camera without sacrificing important resolution. And if we’re lucky, the Clear Pixel camera could actually work better in low light. But remember, don’t expect too much or you may be disappointed.

The casing for the device was leaked, too. But this time, it’s actually separate pieces in two different colors, black and white. Looking closely, the white color has a textured back, so either texture or material could be an option available to consumers when it is released. Otherwise, it’s more of what we’ve seen but demonstrates that customizability of this device will be easy.

Add this to the rumors of a pure Android experience with fast upgrades, all -nowing sensors and a sub-$300 price unlocked, and you’ve got yourself an awesome device with what is probably far too much hype surrounding it. Even then, we’re excited for what Motorola has to offer us. What else do you want to see from the Moto X?

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