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T-Mobile sees revenue and subscriber boost for Q2


For a while there, we weren’t sure if T-Mobile was going to make it. The company had fallen upon hard times and was having struggles with revenue, lack of LTE and a subscriber base that was dwindling. But new CEO John Legere has come into the company and thrown the old approach on its head with T-Mobile’s new “Uncarrier” form. It’s taken a bit of time but it appears that T-Mobile is finally seeing the results of this plan.

In Q2, T-Mobile added 1.1 million new subscribers which is a massive jump over past years and T-Mobile says that it is its largest gain in four years. Revenue inflow was also up by 27.5% over last year. This was related to the acquisition of MetroPCS as well as the fact that T-Mobile sold a record number of post-paid devices in Q2. TMo is also letting us know that their LTE rollout is currently ahead of schedule with LTE up and running in 116 metro areas to cover 157 million human beings.

All in all, it seems like T-Mobile is fending pretty well for itself. It has certainly put itself back in the spotlight and now offers great plans and a decent device selection. As a side note, T-Mobile also seems to be faring better than Sprint which lost 2 million subscribers in the last quarter. At this rate, T-Mobile has a good chance of catching up with Sprint.

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