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MOGA Power controllers charge your phone, available for pre-order

MOGA Pro Power

With the portable console craze currently spreading like the flu, more and more companies are getting into making gaming consoles and peripherals. Currently, the NVIDIA SHIELD has captivated me the most in this category. With perfect controls, great balance and awesome battery life, it’s amazing for gaming. It helps that it’s perfectly suited for emulators, so I can relive the good old GameBoy days. However, that $300 price tag will turn many people off quickly.

But let’s not forget that a similar effect can be had with a Bluetooth controller, despite the many downsides of such a solution. Power has been making the MOGA line of controllers for a while. The MOGA Pocket was a thin and small Bluetooth controller with an awesome arm that holds your device up at an angle. It did have its issues, like poor thumbsticks and no D pad.

The MOGA Pro was released to combat these issues. It was less portable, shaped like a standard console controller, but it included proper thumbsticks and a D pad. It also came with a tablet stand, so you can game on your tablet while it is on a table.

Today, the new Power series of MOGA controllers are up for pre-order. The MOGA Hero Power is a redesigned Pocket with a D pad and more ergonomic controls. The MOGA Pro Power seems to be a MOGA Pro, but with more powah! These two new controllers will charge your device while you play, keeping you from obliterating your battery life with an extended gaming session while on the go.

The MOGA Hero Power will retail for $59.99 and the Pro Power for $79.99. Both are now available for pre-order on the MOGA site. Hit the source link to order yours. And if you’re at PAX right now, they’ll be showing off the controllers, so check them out! Are you in on the mobile gaming craze?

Source: MOGA (Pre-Order), Businesswire

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