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Samsung shows the merits of removable batteries at Lollapalooza festival


Samsung is one of the few companies that makes phones with removable batteries anymore. Every single Galaxy device, even the water resistant Galaxy S 4 Active, has a removable back plate to get to things like the microSD slot and the battery. And we’ve seen an incredible amount of people argue that a removable battery is necessary for them in any phone they buy. But is it really that important?

Sometimes, it is. There are times where you will need your phone for an extended period of time, and with current phones, not a single one will last as long as you need it. Think about an all day music festival, where you’re taking tons of photos of a new band every hour. Your battery level will drop like mad, and unless you’re carrying around a bulky battery pack and keeping it carefully tethered to your device, it won’t last anywhere near a day.

Samsung has proven that removable batteries are useful by pulling an awesome marketing move in Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival. They had a booth there that, for a tweet with a hashtag, would take your old discharged battery from a Galaxy device and hand you a charged one. Just like that, in a 15 second battery swap, your battery is full and ready for the rest of the day. And not many other phones can do that, with HTC, Apple, and others sealing in batteries.

Removable batteries aren’t the most important thing in the world, but they do affect a buyer’s opinion on a device. carrying around a small spare could save you, whether it is at a bar late at night or out in the desert when you’re trying to get home (yeah, I know, extreme example). And while it isn’t always necessary, it’s great to have it when it becomes needed. So, dear readers, what is your take on removable batteries?

Source: Pocket Now

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