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Some new Nexus 7 tablets experiencing GPS dropouts, Google acknowledges the issue

New Nexus 7-1

The new Nexus 7 seems to be an absolute hit with consumers and Android enthusiasts alike. With a low price tag and a category leading 1920×1200 display, it’s an amazing device on paper. And with stock Android 4.3, it performs great too. But as we all know, no Nexus device comes out without its fair share of issues.

We all know that the Nexus 7 2013 doesn’t have a factory image published, due to what is probably legal issues with Qualcomm. However, it looks like the device is facing a new issue: for many users, the GPS cuts out randomly and won’t connect again. It could work anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, then suddenly die. Many on XDA have reported this problem.

When it was posted to Google Groups, a Google employee acknowledged that the issue exists. Google is looking for the cause of the issue, and once it’s found, it shall be fixed. We’re hoping that it is a software issue, so a simple update to 4.3.1 will fix the issue. If it’s hardware, then an exchange will be necessary. Giving up your device is never fun.

So if you experience GPS issues on your brand new tablet, know that you’re not alone. Hopefully, Google will release more information on the situation and act quickly to fix it. Until then, try to use your phone for GPS navigation and avoid potential problems. How many of you have had this issue?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Google Groups

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