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100 Xperia Zs used on walkway for fashion/tech project

What do you get when you combine 100 Sony Xperia Z smartphones and a fashion video? Apparently, some crazy flashing lights and an interesting combination of 100 photos taken at once. Ryan Hopkinson created this project to utilizes a large spiral walkway with devices attached. The Xperia Z phones were programmed to take photos, flash LEDs and change screens colors on command.

During the digital light show, a male model walks the runway while layers of clothing are ripped away. The smartphones take photos synchronously, creating an interesting effect when combined. Though the video includes very little technology aside from that awesome spiral of phones, it’s still pretty cool to watch.

The making-of video is a little more in-depth, highlighting the programming and attachment of the phones. I think it’s pretty clever, even if it doesn’t really detail any solid reasons to buy a Sony Xperia Z. Watch the videos and tell us what you think!

Source: It's Nice That

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