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Expanded Moto X availability just days away now


If you’re on the hunt for a Moto X and you’re an AT&T customer, congratulations. You can go grab a Moto X in black or white or get a Moto X card to use with Moto Maker from an AT&T store right this moment. As for everyone else, don’t worry; your time is right around the corner.

According to a Google+ post from Motorola’s VP of product management, Punit Soni, the AT&T release of the Moto X is just step one of the rollout, and we will see “dev editions, other carrier versions rolling out in days.” With what we already know about the way Motorola is going to handle the launch of different Moto X variants, this is still good and bad news.

Good, because we’re not looking at months or even weeks between wider availability releases of the phone itself. We’ve seen some extended gaps in availability from different carriers with the same device (we’re looking at you, Verizon). It doesn’t look like the Moto X will be spaced out like that. Bad, because even when the Moto X does launch on other carriers, and online as a developer edition device, you won’t be able to customize one. AT&T has a stranglehold on Moto Maker, and there’s still no official word on when the program will open up. With how bumpy the process for obtaining a customized Moto X is at the moment, we expect it to be a awhile.

Hopefully Motorola can get their ducks in a row. Fierce competition is right around the corner.

Source: Google+

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