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Google to launch Android device manager for finding lost phones this month

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Left your Android phone at a bar? Misplaced it in your couch? Desperately trying to find out where a thief has run off to with it? Unless you have some sort of third-party lost phone tracking tool installed on your phone, you’re out of luck. Android has been sorely lacking in a Find My iPhone equivalent for some time now, but that’s finally about to change with Google’s new Android Device Manager.

Set to release later this month for any Android device on 2.2 and higher, Android Device Manager (ADM) is a new tool for Android that allows users to manage lost or stolen phones from afar. Features of ADM include the ability to ring your phone at maximum volume, whether your phone’s on silent or not, locate your phone using GPS to place your device’s location on a map and securely wipe the data on your device if you fear it may have fallen into the wrong hands.

According to the blog post announcing Android Device Manager, it be available on the web and via an Android app for tracking devices as well. It’s a shame that it’s taken this long for Google to finally launch something like Android Device Manager, but we’re glad to see it nonetheless. Will you be using Android Device Manager?

Source: Official Android Blog

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