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HTC had plans for an ‘HTC Design Studio’ but scrapped them

11 months ago 8

Motorola has been receiving all sorts of attention because of its MotoMaker software that allows you to customize your Moto X. But apparently HTC beat them to the party, at least with the concept. A new leak to The Verge shows off what was going to be an ‘HTC Design Studio’ which is an HTC equivalent of MotoMaker. Now before you get too excited about customizing an HTC One, HTC Design Studio was originally designed only for the Windows Phone 8XT on Sprint. There were four different options for customizing color that included the speaker, accents, the top and bottom highlights as well as an option to have a custom engraving.


Don’t get too down in the dumps though; it’s entirely possible that HTC could have expanded this to include other devices in its line-up. In fact, HTC probably would have had the idea not been scrapped due to worries about the cost effectiveness as well as the complexity of customizing the phones. But if Motorola is successful with the customization aspect, it’s entirely possible that HTC could revive Design Studio and do the same thing.

Would you enjoy customizing one of HTC’s phones?