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HTC to create own mobile operating system


We’ve all heard stories of the friction between Google and China. Because of that, Android phones have had trouble making a huge impact there. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, HTC could be making its own mobile operating system targeted at Chinese consumers.

It’s no secret that HTC is struggling to get into the black. The creation of their own, China-friendly mobile OS could translate to a foothold in this market that could help the company get their finances back on track. Reportedly, HTC’s chairwomen, Cher Wang, is heading up the operation and working with Chinese government officials on the project to ensure it abides by their many restrictions. HTC hopes to feature deep integration with Weibo, China’s Twitter counterpart, in an effort to further tailor the system to Chinese consumers. While HTC’s dabblings with Facebook phones fell flat, a social-oriented phone might actually work in China.

Keep in mind that this isn’t HTC’s first go with a home brewed OS. A couple of you might remember when HTC released the HTC Smart in 2010. Smart was a mid-range smartphone running on Qualcomm’s Brew operating system, designed to change depending on your mood and what you were doing. Indeed, it was a bit of a precursor to Chameleon launcher for Android. It never really took off, but it’s at least worth noting that HTC has experimented with operating systems before.

I think there’s a fair chance that HTC could strike gold with its own mobile operating system. Obviously, the smartphone market in China is still fairly unsaturated. But if HTC can create something that’s approved by the Chinese government and is accepted by the people, they could have a real chance at claiming a niche in the market. And it does help that HTC has some of the nicest looking software design out there.

Do you guys think that HTC has a chance with their own OS?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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