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MotoMaker open for business, allows you to buy straight from the site

One of the most exciting features of the Moto X smartphone is the customization. With over 500 different permutations possible, it’s awesome to see what kind of Moto X you can make for yourself. And while MotoMaker has been working for a while, allowing you to build your designs, you still needed to head to an AT&T store to get a card to allow you to purchase the device. No longer!

From now on, MotoMaker will allow you to purchase your designs straight from the site! This will allow you to customize the front, back, accents, wallpaper, boot screen, and more. It’ll also allow you to sign into your Google account so it ships already synced, buy a color coded USB cable (black or white), and add accessories like cases and headphones. It’s all yours to make.

When checking out, you can choose to either redeem an AT&T card to choose a carrier. The only carrier is currently AT&T, but more carriers will be available eventually. And best of all? You don’t have to choose to extend your contract. You can get the device customized off contract for $580. It will then be shipped to you for free from Texas. Strangely, the estimated delivery is 8 days, not 4 like was said before.

Now that the foolishness of having to go to a store to order online is over, buying a Moto X is simple. Will this encourage you to buy a Moto X? And an even better question, how would your Moto X look like? Hit the source link to make your own Moto X, then show us what you designed in our Moto X creation thread!

Source: MotoMaker, Motorola Blog

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