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New HTC One Max picture shows how big it really is


Since the HTC One Max is rumored to feature a 5.9-inch display in a chassis which closely resembles the HTC One, it’s very clear that the phone is going to be big – very big. The phone has not yet been announced by HTC, so we don’t have any official numbers on size, but a newly leaked image of the HTC One Max may be enough for us to approximate its size and compare its height to a few other Android devices.

The new image shows off the side of the HTC One Max with a Motorola XT882 placed on top of it for scale. The Motorola XT882 features a 4-inch display and is 122mm tall. With some rough pixel counting in Photoshop, we have estimated that the HTC One Max is 155mm tall. Considering that the HTC One is 137mm tall, the HTC One Max will definitely look and feel massive if you hold the two phones side by side. The size difference will be less obvious when paired up with the Samsung Galaxy Note II (151.1mm tall with a 5.5-inch display) and the HTC One Max will actually look and feel minuscule when compared to the Sony Xperia Z Ultra (179mm tall with a 6.5-inch display).


Is the HTC One Max too big or are these new massive phones the perfect size for those who don’t want to own a phone and a 7-inch tablet?

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Source: ePrice

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