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[UPDATED] New Nexus 10 tipped to be manufactured by ASUS

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Google’s Nexus program is always a swirling abyss of different rumors before the devices actually come out. Now with the Nexus 10 coming due for a refresh, we’re back to that same game. While last year’s Nexus 10 was created by Samsung, is now reporting that this year’s Nexus 10 will be manufactured by ASUS. As we all very well know, ASUS already creates the popular Nexus 7. And while ASUS would probably be up to the challenge of creating the Nexus 10, this rumor might not be true.

If you’ll remember, Sundar Pichai briefly mentioned at the Nexus 7 announcement that the new Nexus 10 would once again be manufactured by Samsung. So while it seems believable that ASUS could create the new Nexus 10, it seems that Samsung has already grabbed that spot. We’ll have to see how it all pans out.

What would you like to see out of the next Nexus 10?

[UPDATE] Looks like it could be made by ASUS after all. Amir Efrati, the reporter who originally sent the tweet about Sundar Pichai and a Samsung Nexus 10 has now claimed that the tweet was badly worded. Instead, he meant to say that the Nexus 10 was currently made by Samsung and that there will be a new model coming soon. He didn’t specify who was manufacturing the new tablet. Here’s the latest tweet: