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Nexus 4 price gets cut to a mere $199


The Nexus 4 by LG and Google has always been a steal at it’s low price of $299. Now El Goog is sweetening the deal even further with a price drop down to a mere $199 for the 8GB model and $249 for the 16GB model. At that price, you’re getting a phone that still has relatively great specs, stock Android and is blessed with the Nexus name, thus ensuring speedy software updates in the future. If you’re on a GSM carrier, you have absolutely no reason not to buy one of these at this bargain price.

Now to the other thing that most likely accompanies this price drop. We’re fast approaching that time of the year when Google comes out and launches a new Nexus phone which means that this price drop on last year’s Nexus 4 is probably to make room for the successor. So what will the successor be? That’s not quite as cut and dry of an issue. Differing reports are everywhere with some claiming that the new Nexus will be made by Motorola. Others are saying that it will be a stock version of the LG G2. Either way, we’re all eager to get our hands on the next Nexus.

But hurry up and jump on this deal because chances are, it’s not going to last long. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if they sold out by late tonight.

Are you buying/have you bought a Nexus 4 at this reduced price?


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