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No Moto X for UK, Motorola CEO promises cheaper Moto X devices


The Moto X was announced yesterday, and it did not seem to go over well with the tech community. Most people are calling it a major disappointment, but not because it’s underspecced or didn’t live up to the hype. Most people are disappointed because of its high price. At $199 on contract, it goes for a high-end price without delivering the same specs as high-end phones. So what is Motorola’s response?

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside claims that there will be a cheaper Moto X. He seems to understand that the prepaid market is getting big here in the US, so Motorola plans to release multiple devices under the Moto X brand. There will be cheaper variants for those who buy off-contract.

But why is the Moto X so expensive in the first place? Well first of all, US labor is pretty expensive. US assembly probably tacks on quite a bit of price by itself. And the customization factor could raise it even more. Finally, Motorola might just want people to associate the Moto X with “high-end” via the price tag.

While many US consumers don’t much care about a cheaper Moto X, those in the UK might. Not because they’re more budget oriented, but because Motorola has no plans to launch the standard Moto X in that market. The cheaper Moto X devices will launch across Europe, so they may be the only option for our British friends.

Our first thought about a cheaper Moto X was “the Moto X is already not high-end, we don’t need an even lower end model.” However, the more we think about it, the more viable it becomes. Looking at the new DROID line, the DROID Ultra is pretty similar to the Moto X, and both are $199 on contract. The DROID Mini, retaining the same specs (camera, processor, resolution) drops to $99 with a screen size drop. If Motorola could release a smaller Moto X, or even one that’s not built in the US and is made from the same mold and doesn’t offer customization, that could drop the price significantly.

We know that making the Moto X even worse isn’t exactly what the tech community wants, but if it drops the price significantly, it could become perfectly worth buying off-contract. What do you think of a cheaper Moto X?

Source: CNET, Pocket-Lint

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