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Oppo N-Lens render leaks, shows off big camera hump


It looks like a lot of companies are starting to make smartphones with large cameras. The Nokia 1020 comes to mind, with a camera sticking far out but performing admirably. Another example, albeit an extreme one, is the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom, which is basically a point and shoot with a phone built into the back of it.


It seems that the next company to make this type of device will be Oppo. These leaked renders show off how the Oppo N-Lens might look, with a large camera sticking out the back. Underneath that lens rests a 12 megapixel sensor, which shoots fairly standard size photos for a smartphone.

At the moment, many details are lacking. How big is the sensor? Is there anything special about the lens? Will it have optical image stabilization? This leak comes without mentioning the specs of the smartphone itself. But Oppo definitely has our attention now. We are excited to see where this device will end up, if it ever ends up going into production. Are you interested in buying a smartphone with an oversized camera if it means excellent photos?

Source: Engadget

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