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Pressy, the “almighty Android button,” meets Kickstarter goal in a single day


Most Kickstarter campaigns we share have lofty goals of raising outlandish sums of money to create a smartwatch or even a dual-booting phone. This time around, we’d like to introduce you to Pressy, a cheap Android accessory that turns your headphone jack into a programmable button. While most of the fun with Kickstarter campaigns lies in the fact that you don’t know if the product will achieve full funding, Pressy has decided to steal all the fun away from us by shattering its $40,000 goal. The project raised $60,000 in the first day alone.

So, why all the excitement? As we mentioned above, Pressy plugs into your headphone jack on your phone, allowing you to “perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, intuitive physical button.” The free Pressy application allows you to configure custom actions based on a variety of button press sequences. With Pressy, you could launch your camera and take a picture with two short presses of the button, or call your wife with one sort press and two long presses. If you’re an avid user of headphones, fear not. The Pressy app can also be used with the in-line button on your headphones.

pressy_1 pressy_2 pressy_3 pressy_4 pressy_5 pressy_6 pressy_7

Many of the “early bird” Kickstarter deals for Pressy are already sold out, but you can still grab one for as little as $17, or $20 if you want the convenient key chain holder as well. With funding in place, the Pressy team should have no issues getting the product manufactured in the 4 month time-frame they have set for themselves.

What Pressy actions will you be setting up on your phone with the “almighty Android button?”

Source: Kickstarter

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