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Verizon Moto X to be available August 29, $199 on-contract

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Verizon has just taken to Twitter to announce the final word on availability of the standard non-Moto Maker version of Motorola Moto X for Big Red. According to Verizon, the Moto X will finally be available one week after the AT&T version was released, August 29.

For a close-enough-to-stock Android experience with a heaping helping of Moto-Googo-rola’s own special always on voice assistance features, you’re looking at a full $199, with a two year contract. This is, to reiterate, for the base white or black “woven” colorway. The customized Moto X for Verizon will still be available later this year. In other words, if you can wait, you may want to wait.

Now that the initial sticker shock of seeing a “mid-range” phone come in at $199 on-contract has worn off, nearly anyone who has used the Moto X will recommend it as one of the best Android phones money can buy at the moment. Going up against the super spec’d Galaxy S4 and HTC One was no easy task, but Motorola seems to be doing a fine job of it.

Just three more days until Verizon customers can finally pick the device up. If I was on Verizon, I know what I’d be getting.

Source: Twitter

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