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Could the next Nexus be a Moto Maker device? I can always dream.


If it wasn’t obvious already, hammer this into your brain for safe keeping: Moto Maker will not go away with the Moto X.

Moto Maker, the online tool for creating a customized Motorola Moto X, is not Moto X branded. Much like all of the custom software features in the Moto X, it’s simply Motorola branded. Which is a great sign that more than one device will get the Moto Maker treatment. That, and the fact that there’s no way Motorola would pour this many resources into Moto Maker just to use it with one phone suggest that the Moto Maker is here to stay.

So while it may be a little premature (okay, a lot premature), I can’t help but wonder what will be the next phone customizable through Moto Maker. We’ve already heard that there may be a higher-end Moto X variant on the way at some point in the next year or so (hopefully much sooner), but there’s one device coming out relatively soon that I would absolutely love to put a custom shell on.

We’ve been hearing rumors for some time now that Motorola is working on the next Nexus phone with Google. It will not be based on the Moto X. It will be a phone entirely unto itself. And it would be absolutely amazing if it were customizable through Moto Maker.

There are several reasons why this wouldn’t really make sense. It would drive up the cost of traditionally affordable Nexus devices, and Motorola and Google would be lessening the appeal of the Moto X in a number of ways. But it would certainly push the Nexus brand forward. They would almost undoubtedly sell in droves. A $400 unlocked, customized Motorola Nexus sounds like a dream come true. The appeal of the Moto X would become its $200 price tag, which could possibly be lower by the end of the year, and availability at a store near you.

To answer the title question: Sure, it could. I don’t think it’s likely, but it could. While we eagerly await the announcement of the next Nexus this fall, and Motorola’s next Moto Maker eligible device, I figured I’d share today’s post so you can dream with me. It’s probably not a question of “Would you buy a custom, Motorola Nexus 4?” But a question of how fast, and how many. Right?

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