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Moto X announced: $199 on contract, customization exclusive to AT&T for now


The Moto X is finally announced! All the hype, all the rumors, and it’s finally here. And we’ve got the information on the device.  Here’s what the Moto X offers:

  • 4.7-inch 720p AMOLED RGB display
  • Motorola X8 mobile computing system
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 10MP Clear Pixel, 2MP front facing
  • 16/32GB + 2 years of 50GB Google Drive
  • WiFi a/g/b/n/ac
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Android 4.2.2
  • 129.3 x 65.3 x 10.4mm
  • 130g

Motorola did not focus on specs, but instead has tried to create the “everyman” phone. Don’t be disappointed based on specs alone; that’s not what the Moto X is for. The dual core processor inside the Motorola X8 chip will be fairly speedy, and 2GB of RAM will handle everything you throw at it. They also promise a day’s worth of battery life. And not a “work day,” but legitimate 24 hours of battery life. That’s an exciting thought.

However, the key to this phone is customization! For now, only AT&T offers customization options. Other carriers will get  on the customization wagon later (For now, they just offer black or white). There will be 18 colors for the back, 7 accents (the buttons and the ring around the camera), and two front colors (black and white). Along with a choice of 16GB of 32GB, this gives us 504 possible permutations. That’s pretty sweet and unique. And best of all, there will be no logos on the front. Motorola promised.

In terms of software, Moto X will run Android 4.2.2. It’ll be mostly stock with some light Motorola modifications and all the awesome features of the newly announced DROIDs. This means the device will be constantly listening, so you can talk to it while it’s off. It’ll also light up a part of the screen for notifications, showing more details than an LED notification light. And it’ll be situation aware, like turning on the driving mode automatically when you get into a car.

Strangely, the device will be priced like a high-end device at $199 on contract, just like the iPhone, Galaxy S 4 and One. With a 720p display and a dual core, it’s not quite $199 worth of phone in terms of specs, but it also includes customization. And don’t forget, it’s assembled in the US! It will be coming to all four carriers by the end of the month or early September.

So now that the Moto X is announced, what do you think of it? With mid range specs, customization, meticulous design, nearly stock Android and a small form factor, it’s both everything we thought it would be, but also not quite enough for some of us. Is the price fair? Are the specs good enough? And most of all, will you be getting one? Leave a comment!

Dima Aryeh is a Russian obsessed with all things tech. He does photography, is an avid phone modder (who uses an AT&T Galaxy Note II), a heavy gamer (both PC and 360), and an aspiring home mechanic. He is also an avid fan of music, especially power metal.

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