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Android’s UI gets re-imagined with Themer by MyColorScreen


Let’s be honest, one reason we all love Android so much is because of the myriad of customization options right at our fingertips. Android’s flexibility is also the reason why it’s the go-to operating system for smartphone manufacturers across the globe. The problem is, the customization forced upon us my manufacturers are typically half baked, slow and downright ugly.

Enter MyColorScreen and their new Themer app for Android. The app takes over your phones UI, giving you a completely different experience with dozens of themes which can be downloaded and applied to your device with a single click. From the looks of it,¬†MyColorScreen has invested a lot of time and effort into making themes simple to use and extremely pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, the app isn’t quite ready for prime time. Those interested in participating in a limited beta run of the application can sign up on Themer’s website. We suggest signing up as soon as possible since¬†MyColorScreen has not given any indication as to when Themer will be available for general consumption.

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