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MyGlass Android app updated, can control your Glass UI


The MyGlass app for Android is the official companion to Google Glass, created to aid you in using your smart glasses. With the newest update to the app, users will be able to control the interface of Glass using screencast and remote input. This means you can swipe, tap and pretty much do anything on Glass through your phone instead of the touch pad on the side of the glasses.

Despite the app having this capability, the glasses do not. The remote doesn’t work, and it looks like a new Glass update will be required for that feature to be enabled. Considering how often Glass is updated, it really shouldn’t be much longer.

Google Glass becomes more and more useful every update as Google adds features and improves upon old ones. They’re getting the device closer and closer to an actual launch product, and sometime next year, they’ll officially launch it. We can’t wait until the next update, because this remote control feature should make Glass a little easier to control at times.


Source: Engadget

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