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Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch shown off in photos


It is three days before the big announcement. Samsung will be showing off their Galaxy Note III phablet and Galaxy Gear smartwatch to the crowd, and we’ll finally get full details on the devices to decide whether we want them or not. However, the Galaxy Gear has been shown off in a leaked photo, so you can take a look before it’s announced!

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch is said to have a 2.5-inch display with a 3.5-inch size including the surrounding bezel. It’s quite large, but not too large in my opinion. Also, you can see the (rumored to be 4MP) camera jutting out. It looks to be a legit leak, and I have to say, I like how it looks.

The smartwatch is said to be focused on health, probably to be paired with the Galaxy S 4′s S Health app. It’ll also support S Voice commands for handsfree operation. While it would have been better with a flexible display, it’s exciting to finally see Samsung’s efforts in a nearly finished product, and we can’t wait to see the final thing at Samsung’s event. Stay tuned on September 4th!

Source: Gigaom

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